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Anti-DLL4 VNAR targeted nanoparticles for targeting of both tumour and tumour associated vasculature

Self-assembling nanoparticles as smart drug delivery systems for pancreatic cancer therapy

Optimisation of lipophilicity in model self-amplifying RNA vaccine polyplexes

Milk exosomes with epithelial permeability for the oral delivery of siRNA

Restoring coronary arterial function using stilbene analogue-encapsulated liposomes

Tumour-targeted nanomedicines to treat docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer

Nanomedicine: Photothermal and theranostic cancer therapy using nanoparticles

Nanomedicine:nanotechnology for cancer

Animated nanomedicine movie clip

Cosmic voyage – the power of ten

Cosmic Voyage Pt. 2. Micro cosmos HD

Nanomedicine for Targeted Cancer Therapy

The Two Worlds of Cell Isolation

Intro to Nanomedicine