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Meet Dr Raj Thakur based at Queens University Belfast.


Area of research: Ocular, transdermal and topical drug delivery  

My research interests are in the design and physicochemical characterization of advanced polymeric drug delivery systems for ocular, transdermal and topical applications. In particular, my current research involves fabrication and design of novel long-acting injectable, implantable and particles-based drug delivery systems for treating a range of ocular diseases. My research also involves development and evaluation of microneedle based drug delivery devices for both transdermal and ocular drug/protein and vaccine delivery. To date, I have authored over 101 scientific publications, including 42 full papers and two textbooks.


Reasons for joining the Society: Interested to meet/learn from experts/members within the Society. I am also keen in collaborating with scientists working in the field of nanomedicine, so as to explore new avenues for novel ways to drug delivery, particularly, for ocular use