Welcome to Nanomedicine

For researchers in the know!

Read editorials detailing cutting edge developments in the field of nanomedicine and see if there are any up and coming conferences you would like to attend.  Explore possible careers within the nanomedicine community or put your research on our map and read information about regulatory authorities ensuring right steps are being taken within your research.

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Are You New To Nanomedicine?

Information about nanomedicine for people without background knowledge in science is provided.  Provides an introduction to nanomedicine, an overview of the nanomedicines currently in clinical use, a glossary of sciencitifc terms often used in nanomedicine and a section on frequently asked questions.

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Everything teachers and pupils need to know about Nanomedicine

Fun and simple classroom activities are available for teaching and learning about the key principles of nanotechnology as well as short videos to help with explanations.  Up to date nanonews and brief explanations of current research involving nanomedicine are also available.

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Welcome to the British Society for Nanomedicine

With the global benefits of the new science of nanomedicine growing each year, the British Society for Nanomedicine has been created to allow open access for industry, academia, clinicians and the public to news and details of ongoing research throughout the UK.

BSNM annual conference

The British Society for Nanomedicine (BSNM) is committed to holding meetings to develop the research community within the UK. This year the BSNM will be hosting a a young researcher's meeting at the University of Liverpool from the 6th to the 7th of August 2015.

This meeting allows postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers from all areas of science undertaking research in the area of Nanomedicine to mix and learn, and in some cases to give their first external oral or poster presentations. We would like to encourage representation from groups conducting Nanomedicine research from across the UK.

There will be two keynote lectures from established scientists in the field as well as presentations from younger members of British Society for Nanomedicine. Posters are also highly encouraged, and these will form the focus of the coffee breaks. 

Prices have been kept low to support maximum attendance by young researchers, so please support this event and also join British Society for Nanomedicine.

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