List of Conferences

Start date: 2nd February 2020

End date: 7th February 2020

Location: Kandersteg, Switzerland

2020 Winter School “Nanoparticles: from fundamentals to applications in life sciences”

02-07 February, 2020 – Kandersteg, Switzerland

The CCMX Winter School will once again take place in Kandersteg, Switzerland and aims to bring together a group of no more than 24 PhD students from various research institutions. This course is designed to cover a series of important scientific aspects regarding the development, characterisation and application of nanoparticles for medical applications and to provide an in-depth review of their corresponding fundamentals. It aims to offer a skill set relevant to the participants’ research projects and future careers.

CLINAM 12/2020

Start date: 17th May 2020

End date: 20th May 2020

Location: Basel, Switzerland

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11th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications (ICNFA’20)

Start date: 19th August 2020

End date: 21st August 2020

Location: Prague, Czech Republic